Modern amulet maker specializing in Jewish amulets, talismans, totems, shiviti, and segulot.

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My name is Ketzirah, and I explore and create of connections that transform how we — you and me — see the world and be in the world.  My work manifests, primarily, in the form of amulets (kameot), shrines, shiviti, segulot, talismans, and personal totems. I am a modern day amulet maker, who unearths fragments from a forgotten future™, by exploring the history of amulets and material religion in Judaism and other faith traditions from around the world. I have earned the titles of Kohenet and “haMa’agelet” – the circlemaker.


My Work

Amulets (Kameot)

Drawing on the long history of amulets in Jewish and near-Eastern history and women weavers, I primarily create amulets, shrines, travel altars, shiviti, segulot, and occasionally other types of art and devotional objects like mizrach (eastern wall markers) and challah covers. Visit my shop on Etsy to find a current selection of my available work and my blog on Tumblr to see work in progress and learn about the history behind Jewish amulets. Join the mailing list or the Facebook Page, to be notified when new pieces are available.


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