Carly 'Ketzirah' Lesser

Explorer and Creatrix of beautiful connections that transform how we see and be in the world.

This is My Story

I was born with the name Carlen Lea Lesser.  My parents immediately called me Carly. I’ve been known as Carmeit, Veruna Wyn, Wired Witch, Chava Chai, and most recently was given the name “Ketzirah,” which is near and dear to my heart.

I’m a Kohenet, fiber artistritualist, poetcultural nerd, and communications professionalSXSW speaker.  I’m also baker, tea drinker, craft beer lover, foodie, and bunny person.

Most important, I’m an explorer and creatrix of connections that transform how we — you and me — see the world and be in the world.

Like all of you, I lead a complex and rich life that I’m trying to make sense of, and the art of connection is the heart of how I experience and make sense of the world.

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My Work

“What does an explorer and creatrix of beautiful connections that transform how we see and be in the world DO,”  you ask?

Right now my work focuses on four specific areas: Embroidered Prayers, Writing, Ritual and Readings.

I’m dedicated to keeping a good portion of my Embroidered Prayers work as “pay-what-you-will.”    I value what I bring to the world, and as often as I can I will  trust in you to set the prices.  I am happy to provide guidance or suggestions — but truly, it’s pay-what-you-will where ever possible.

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Embroidered Prayers™

I primarily create mizrach, personal pocket shrines, amulets, shiviti, segulot, and occasionally other types of art and devotional objects like larger wall hangings and chuppahs.

Visit my shop on Etsy to find a current selection of my available work.

Interested in a Pocket Shrine? Now taking requests for 2015.



From poetry, prayers, and spiritual workbooks to my Passover Haggadah, writing has been a core part of my work for years.

Etsy: Haggadah for Passover and Hanukkah Ruby Red Seeds: A Collection of Poetry, Prayer, and Midrash


Weddings, baby namings, and life events large and small — along with seasonal services and observance.  Join me regularly at for Shabbat or Rosh Chodesh services, or contact me to discuss your life-cycle event.

Contact Me for Weddings, Baby Namings, and personal ritual needs.

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Intuitive readings are part of how I connect with the world and the Divine. Each month during Rosh Chodesh services, streamed live at, I offer free Mitzvah Card readings.  If you would like a private reading, Mitzvah Card or Tarot, please contact me.

Contact me to schedule a custom reading


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